You are reading the Privacy Policy of NewLife Villas BV. This policy describes how NewLife Villas treats your personal data and how we use it to optimise your experience with us. 

1. Introduction

Dear (future) guest, as we may collect one or more of your personal data items we would like to clarify exactly what we use it for, how we store it and when we will delete it. We only collect and save your full name, e-mail and country of residence when you book directly via our website. These data points are necessary for us to inform you with the needed information for your stay. 

If you do not wish you would not like NewLife Villas BV to store your data for booking purposes you are free to contact us and we will delete all your personal data. 

Taxandrialaan 9 Boxtel 5283 MA

Company Registration No: NL813430574B01 - KvK 17163709

2. Company description

NewLife Villas BV is a booking supporting agent which receives and handles bookings for villa/apartment/complex owners. We receive our bookings via our own website but also other online travel agent booking websites. NewLife Villas BV is in no case the owner of the villa/apartment/complex and only facilitates bookings. 

3. Goal collecting data

NewLife Villas BV may collect (or receives via your booking website) your data and uses these for a number of reasons. 

1. We collect and store your data to send you as much personalised information as possible for your stay so you will have a worry free arrival, stay and departure from the accommodation. 

2. NewLife Villas BV may use your data to send out marketing e-mails with special offers up until 1 year after book date/check-in date. 

4. Third party apps

NewLife Villas may share your data (only e-mail, phone number and name) with third parties to execute the necessary tasks in order to provide you with information after a booking is made. 

5. Saving your data

Your date will be stored in our database over a longer period of time, but no longer than necessary to execute tasks, unless we need to store your data for a longer period of time due to governmental regulations. 

Analytics data will be collected anonymously and so are in no way connected to you as a person. These data points will be stored in Google Analytics for an undermined time period. 

6. Security

No hard copies will be made of your personal data, data points are only stored in the above mentioned third party. Your data is only accessibly via our third party software systems and are always protected with passwords and two-factor authentication when possible. During this two-factor authentication generates a code that is send to NewLife Villas, and it is only used during the login process. The devices used to process your data are individually protected with passwords and if possible fingerprints. The devices used that are able to access your data are restricted to dedicated staff only. 

7. Rights

- You have the right to request the data that is being in kept in our database connected to you as a person

- You have the right to change any data dat is incorrectly recorded

- You have the right to request a full deletion of your data

- You have the right to file a formal complain with the Dutch Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.